How I got started . . .

bridal gown illustration.jpg

portrait of a gown

Mary holds a bachelor's degree in graphic design from SUNY College at Buffalo. She grew up on Long Island, NY and now resides in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

I have a graphic design background but have always loved to paint on the side. So, not long after I got married I thought it would be really fun to do an illustration of my bridal gown. It was displayed in an art show where I work as a senior designer. There a peer of mine saw it and asked if I could do a painting of her wedding gown too, and I happily accepted her request. That was the moment I realized my passion for creating such memorable pieces of art!

I love to illustrate fashion and subjects that speak from the heart. On this site you can view some of my bridal gown illustrations and place your custom order. And soon there will be a new section where you can purchase prints!

“Creating timeless works of art from such a special day in someone's life is an honor for me.” —Mary